Katrin Frings

M. Sc.
Institute for Psychology

External doctoral candidate


Room 318 (Building 6010)

Jägerstr. 17-19

D-52056 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 93999


on appointment

Research interests

Research in the area of Auditory Cognition and Psychoacoustics concerning the interface of Work and Environmental Psychology, e.g.

  • Effects vof Nature Soundscaping on Cognition & Stress
  • Physiological Effects (cardiovascular) by acoustic environments
  • Acoustic Design of Microbreaks in word and learning areas
  • Noisesensitivity and Environmental/Nature Identity


  • Experimentalpsychologisches Praktium, Studiengang B.Sc. Psychologie (WS 21/22)
  • Seminar Arbeitspsychologie, Studiengang M.Sc. Psychologie (SS 22)


  • Schneider, L., Frings, K., Rothe, S., Schrauf, M., & Jaitner, T. (2021). Effects of a seat-integrated mobilization system during passive driver fatigue. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 150, 105883.

  • Güsken, S. R., Frings, K., Zafar, F., Saltan, T., Fuchs-Frohnhofen, P., & Bitter-Krahe, J. (2021). Factors influencing the intention of caregivers to use digital technologies in outpatient care-A case study examining the introduction of a textile sensor mat. Zeitschrift fur Arbeitswissenschaft, 1-21.