Location: IfP-1
Time: 16:30-18:00


Changes due to the Corona crisis

Currently, in-person events are possible after a 3G-check. However, due to the current development of the Corona pandemic, it is not clear whether oncoming colloquium lectures will be held in person or online. We will inform you on this page in due time.

Use the link below to obtain further information about the current regulations of RWTH Aachen University on how to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.

17.05.2021 Dr. Alexander Meschnig, Berliner Werkstatt für Sozialforschung (BWS) UG. Title: "Wege psychisch beeinträchtigter Menschen in die EM-Rente u. Rückkehrperspektiven aus der EM-Rente Arbeit"
31.05.2021 Rainer Bäcker, Executive Assessment Partner. Topic: "Agile Führung"
07.06.2021 Prof. Dr. rer. soc. Ute Habel, Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy und Psychosomatics, RWTH Aachen University Hospital. Title: "Beeinflussende und modulierende Faktoren von Aggression und Impulsivität"
14.06.2021 Prof. Dr. David Antons, School of Business & Economics, RWTH Aachen University. Title: "TIM meets Psychologie: Darstellung aktueller Forschungsthemen und Diskussion möglicher Kooperationen"
05.07.2021 Prof. Dr. Torsten H. Voigt, Chair, Technology and Diversity Program, Institute of Sociology, RWTH Aachen University. Title: "Neuroscience of Race"
13.12.2021 Dr. Ina Heine, Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Management at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL of the RWTH Aachen University
17.01.2022 Prof. Dr. Werner Greve Talk postponed to May 16, 2022
24.01.2022 Prof. Dr. Daniel Wentzel, Chair of Marketing, School of Business and Economics, RWTH Aachen University. Title: „Does algorithmic advice harm service relationships?”
31.01.2022 Prof. Dr. Barbara Kaup, Department of Psychology, University of Tübingen. Title: "The interplay of modal and amodal cognitive processes in language comprehension"
25.04.2022 Dr. Klaudia Grote, Scientific Director, Competence Center for Sign Language and Gesture (SignGes), RWTH Aachen University
02.05.2022 Apl.Prof.Dr. Dr. Stefan Schneider, Institute of Movement and Neurosciences, German Sport University Cologne
16.05.2022 Prof. Dr. Werner Greve, Institute for Psychology, University of Hildesheim. Title: „Inkompetenzkompensationskompetenzentwicklungsprozesse - Die Entwicklung der Entwicklungsregulation“