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Orientation to Application vs. Research of Doctoral Students and Postdocs in the STEM Fields

Most doctoral students and post-docs in the STEM fields have to make a decision between a career in academia or the industry at some point. Many lack sufficient information about the fit between factors of the job and the person. To give doctoral students as well as post-docs who are facing professional transitions advice in making the right decisions, we are carrying out research on vocational interest types. The aim is to find out which personality traits, motives, and competences differentiate between people wanting to work in academia in contrast to those heading for a career in the industry. Our research is based on longitudinal survey data as well as an assessment center and interviews.


Lerche, A. D. S., Burk, C. L., & Wiese B. S. (in press). Dynamics between applied work demands and related competence beliefs: A 4 year study with scientist. Journal of Career Development.