The development and adaption of new quantiative methods involves the deployment of appropriate statistical software. Our main focus is on providing a) open-source software and b) user-friendly solutions (e.g., graphical user interfaces). In this way we hope to foster the use of modern quantitative methods among applied researchers.

According to our key research interests we provide software packages for the analysis of a) longitudinal data and b) (causal) treatment effects.


EffectLiteR is a R package for estimating average and conditional effects of a treatment variable on an outcome variable, taking into account any number of continuous and categorical covariates.

EffectLiteR is provided as R package and as standalone version (Windows only). For further informations see: EffectLiteR


semNOVA is a R package for modeling and analysing longitudinal data. The package allows for analysis of changes in latent variables, either as a extension of traditional repeated measures ANOVA as well as in the framework of latent growth component models.

For further informations see: semNOVA