Scientific evalution of the consultation process in the implementation phase

In vocational rehabilitation the main focus of the integration process relies on insurant and its reintegration. The range of service in rehabilitation needs to be attuned to individual needs of rehabilitation patients. In order to fulfill these requirements, the German pension insurance funded the project RehaFuturReal®.

This project focuses on long-term employability in cooperation with companies. In this process, the rehabilitation consultant has a central role. He examines possibilities and limits of individual cases. In the rehabilitation process, he acts as crucial link between involved parties in the counseling network, e.g. vocational promotion center, employer etc. To optimize current consulting services in RehaFuturReal®, rehabilitation consultants take a two-year training in case management, develop new working methods as well as new instruments for consultation. To support this change process, rehabilitation consultants continuously receive professional supervision.

The academic chair for vocational rehabilitation from RWTH Aachen advises DRV Westfalen regarding the implementation process. Additionally, RWTH Aachen evaluates RehaFutuReal® in a three-year period in a formative evaluation. This offers the opportunity to provide DRV Westfalen with feedback about rehabilitation consultants’ current mood and overall project implementation. A central goal of evaluation is to examine influence factors for successful vocational rehabilitation counseling.

When the goal is achieved, recommendations and corrective suggestions can be deduced and applied during the remaining project time period. When the project has been completed, success indicators will be examined during summative evaluation, e.g. satisfaction of insurants, reintegration quote. If RehaFuturReal® leads to positive outcomes; it can be implemented nationwide.