VFS-LTA in Reha Management


In context of rehabilitation management, rehabilitation consultants of DRV Bund advise and support insurants in all questions to vocational rehabilitation. Central aim is to achieve a vocational reintegration in consideration of the personal situation. For a successful reintegration, an individual reintegration process for every patient is necessary. For an individualized planning, several sources of information must be taken into consideration.

To support rehabilitation planning, a self-evaluation questionnaire for insurants, the so called VFS-LTA, was developed with help of 16 experts. Based on 28 items, VFS-LTA records current professional and financial situation, mobility, family and health situation, individual conditions - general expertise and key competence - and vocational ideas of insurants in a standardized way. VFS-LTA was designed to fit into vocational practice of rehabilitation consultants. The questionnaire was tested and validated in 188 consultations, also evaluated by insurants and rehabilitation consultants. Furthermore, 'rehabilitation plan' and 'reintegration prognosis' were used as external criteria for validation.

Results from insurants perspective indicate that VFS-LTA is easily to handle. Furthermore it is evaluated as an economic and useful instrument. The VFS-LTA stimulates to think about the vocational future and can be used to prepare counseling interviews. VFS-LTA supports active participation of insurants during rehabilitation process.

Statistical analysis proves items’ quality of VFS-LTA. The questionnaire is able to differentiate between several groups of insurants. Information that is extracted from VFS-LTA correlates positively with an intended pension request, reintegration prognosis and rehabilitation plan. Overall, results support the use of VFS-LTA in rehabilitation management.