Developement LTA


Development and evaluation of a manual for identification and counselling for patients undergoing medical rehabilitation and requiring benefits for participation in working life

In terms of establishing a stronger link between medical and vocational rehabilitation, the implementation of a vocationally orientated medical rehabilitation (German: medizinisch-beruflich orientierte Rehabilitation, MBOR) provides an important starting point for this project. The MBOR-approach allows the consideration of especially difficult vocational situations during stationary medical rehabilitation. In case of a patient requiring additional vocational rehabilitation, some difficulties can occur regarding the transition from medical to vocational rehabilitation resp. services for participation in working life (German: Leistungen zur Teilhabe am Arbeitsleben, LTA), e.g. due to temporal delayed commencement of the rehabilitative measure. This project is expected to remedy this problem.

The project is funded by the German pension insurance DRV Bund and will be implemented in various cooperation clinics (i.e. physicians, social-medical services) over a time period of three years. The keynote is the development and evaluation of a standardized procedure providing criteria for a recommendation regarding LTA on the one hand and enabling the counselling and support of humans with special occupational problems (German: besondere berufliche Problemlagen, BBPL) and LTA-requirement when submitting a corresponding application on the other hand. Thus, possibly necessary vocational rehabilitation or LTA measures could already be initiated in the clinic by medical personnel and the social-medical service.

The teaching and research department Health Psychology of the RWTH Aachen is involved in the conception of the manual or rather the LTA criteria by leading workshops on the one hand and being responsible for the process evaluation of the project on the other hand. The evaluation refers to the assessment of the organized workshops and the received consultancy services as well as to the conception and applicability of the manual and criteria.

Funded by Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund