ICF Screening


Scientific evaluation of an ICF-based screening for the acquisition of functional limitations that are integration-relevant for people with psychological disorders in the vocational training centers Dortmund and Rhein-Ruhr

In vocational training centers (Deutsch: Berufstrainingszentrum, BTZ) people with psychological disorders are being guided and monitored in their vocational reintegration. With this in mind, the Federal Working Group of Vocational Rehabilitation Centres e.V. (Deutsch: Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Beruflicher Rehabilitationszentren e.V., BAG BTZ) decided to implement a screening based on the ICF-classification to ascertain functional limitations that are of relevance in the context of integration for the BTZ-specific target group. In case of a success, the screening is supposed to define the new quality standard. The screening includes a self-assessment as well as an external assessment and provides the basis for the support plans which are used to manage the rehabilitation process.

The scientific evaluation of the project is accomplished by the teaching and research department Health Psychology of the RWTH Aachen and aims at the validation of the practical implementation of the ICF-based screening in the vocational training centers Dortmund and Rhein-Ruhr. The project will be evaluated both formatively and summatively with consideration of the quality of structure, process and results.

Funded by Deutsche Rentenversicherung Westfalen