Bachelor / master thesis (LuF Health Science)


Topics and information

Within the scope of a bachelor's or master's thesis at the Teaching and Research Area of Health Psychology, various subject areas can be addressed. The following exemplary topic areas serve as guidance. Other topics are also possible, depending on agreement.

Possible topics include, for example:

  1. Planning competence and selected correlates (e.g., in the context of students)
  2. Stress factors in studying ("the healthy student")
  3. Inclusion of people with physical disabilities or mental illness in the workplace (e.g., communication about the disability, reactions to the disability by HR personnel, variables influencing the perception of people with disabilities by outsiders)
  4. Relevance of individual work biographies in the professional context (e.g., dealing with gaps in the resume, evaluation of resume gaps by HR personnel, job references, previous work experience, description of life paths)
  5. (Professional) interests in vocational rehabilitation Paths into rehabilitation

Under our guidance, you will conceptualize, implement, and evaluate an empirical study based on the respective topic area, considering psychological questions.

Please note regarding the allocation procedure:

If you wish to write a bachelor's or master's thesis at the Teaching and Research Area of Health Psychology in the summer semester of 2024, please upload your current transcript of records to this upload folder by January 15, 2024, at the latest. Please provide a meaningful file name by including your name when uploading.

We invite all interested students to an online information session on January 16, 2024, from 8:30 to 9:30 am, where you will receive further information regarding bachelor's and master's theses at the Teaching and Research Area of Health Psychology. To participate in the information session, simply click on the following Zoom link: