Bachelor courses and seminars

  • seminar "experimental psychology internship"
  • seminar "empirical internship"
  • seminar "clinical disorders"
  • seminar "psychological therapeutic methods"
  • advanced seminar "psychopathology"
  • lecture "prevention and rehabilitation"
  • lecture "health psychology"
  • lecture "psychopathology"
  • colloquium "psychology (presentation of own research) (health psychology)"

Master courses and seminars

  • seminar "practice in selected intervention techniques"
  • project seminar "health psychology"
  • seminar "assessment in health psychology"
  • seminar "colloquium psychology I (current research results)"
  • seminar "colloquium psychology II (own research results)"

For further information about our lectures in B.Sc. and M.Sc. psychology, we refer to module handbook.