Work and Engineering Psychology

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Welcome to the homepage of the Teaching and Research Area of Work and Engineering Psychology!

We are predominantly occupied with topics and issues concerning the interface of human cognition, technology, and the environment. Within this context, the acoustic environment is a cross-cutting issue that shapes many of our research projects. Another characteristic of our research is the interrelation of basic and applied perspectives.

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We teach courses about industrial, engineering, and environmental psychology as well as psychological methods for both psychology study programs:

B.Sc. Psychologie

  • Vorlesung Umweltpsychologie
  • Seminar Arbeits- und Ingenieurpsychologie
  • Vorlesung + Übung Statistische Grundlagen der empirischen Sozialforschung
  • Experimentalpsychologisches Praktikum
  • Empirisches Praktikum
  • Vorlesung Einführung in die Psychologie
  • Bachelor-Kolloquium

M.Sc. Psychologie

  • Seminar Angewandte Kognitionspsychologie und Ergonomie
  • Seminar Arbeitspsychologie
  • Seminar Belastung und Beanspruchung
  • Projektseminar Arbeitspsychologie
  • Projektseminar Auditive Kognition
  • Kolloquium Arbeits- und Ingenieurpsychologie: Forschungsergebnisse I + II