Psychological Methods: Axel Mayer (until Sept. 30, 2020)


Prof. Axel Mayer and his team moved to Bielefeld University

Prof. Axel Mayer has moved to Bielefeld University, Department of Psychology and Sports Science, where he is the head of the unit "Methods and Evaluation" since Oct 1, 2020.
His team of the former unit "Psychological Methods" at the Institute of Psychology of RWTH Aachen University moved with him to Bielefeld University. We wish Prof. Mayer and his team all the best for the future!


  Group photo

Psychological Methods are concerened with the development and adaption of statistical procedures to measure psychological constructs, statistical and mathematical modeling of psychological processes, the design of evaluation studies, and the analysis and interpretation of empirical-psychological data.

The connection of methodological and substantive research questions, and cooperation with other national and international research groups are central for our department. Our key research interests are twofold: the development and adaption of new quantitative methods and theoretical concepts for the analysis of a) longitudinal data and b) (causal) treatment effects.