Career Decisions and Career Paths


Project "Career decisions and career paths of young researchers"

Our interdisciplinary research project, “Career decisions and career paths of young researchers: An interdisciplinary, longitudinal project on the interplay between contextual demands and personal characteristics” (funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research) aims at:

  • a better understanding of careers of doctoral students and postdocs from the STEM-fields within both academic and industrial fields by using a longitudinal design
  • providing diagnostic tools (e.g., questionnaires, behavioral measures) to be applicable in career counseling as well as in personnel selection and development

Project partners are from different disciplines:


Christian L. Burk und Bettina S. Wiese

Selected Publications:

Lerche, A. D. S., Burk, C. L., & Wiese B. S. (in press). Dynamics between applied work demands and related competence beliefs: A 4 year study with scientists. Journal of Career Development.

Alisic, A. ,& Wiese, B. S. (2020). Keeping an insecure career under control: The longitudinal interplay of career insecurity, self-management, and self-efficacy. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 120, 103431.

Burk, C. L., & Wiese, B. S. (2018). Professor or manager? A model of motivational orientations applied to preferred career paths. Journal of Research in Personality, 75, 113-132.