Workplace Stressors: Noise, Heat and Interruptions


Noise and heat are among the most frequently mentioned stressors in offices and indoor environments. In our laboratory experiments, we investigate the influence these stressors exert on well-being and performance (e.g., task persistence, decision making, emotion recognition). At the same time, we investigate possible mediators (e.g., thermal comfort, fatigue) and moderators (e.g. achievement motivation, self-control capacity) of the stressor-performance relationship. From an applied perspective, this research strand aims at specifying adaptive individual coping mechanisms and sources of resilience as well as at developing practical guidelines for organizations. Recently we started to also take into consideration two additional environmental stressors, i.e., time pressure and interruptions. Here, we are particularly interested in the effects of interruptions caused by electronic devices.

Marc Syndicus and Bettina S. Wiese; in cooperation with Christoph van Treeck und Maximilian Praster, Institute of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building