Transition to Grantparenthood


Individual and Dyadic Experiences at the Transition to Grantparenthood

In our research funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), we examine (a) grandparenthood as a longing domain for those who have adult children but not (yet) grandchildren, (b) the transition process itself and its effects on work-related attitudes, and (c) mutual enjoyment of grandchildren and partnership satisfaction among grandparent couples. For our research, we use a cross-sectional survey, a quasi-experimental longitudinal survey, and a dyadic longitudinal survey.


Wiese, B. S., Burk, C. L., & Jaeckel, D. (2016). Transition to Grandparenthood and Job‐Related Attitudes: Do Grandparental Sex and Lineage Matter? Journal of Marriage and Family, 78(3), 830-847.


Jasmin Dorry und Bettina S. Wiese

Funded by DFG