Work and Engineering Psychology: Research

  Cognition-technology-environment interface Copyright: © Sabine Schlittmeier

Essentially, our research at the Teaching and Research Area Work and Engineering Psychology is distinguished by two characteristics. On the one hand, our research is located at the interface of cognition, technology and the environment. Depending on the focus of the research question, the research projects can therefore also be assigned to cognitive ergonomics, applied cognitive psychology and/or environmental psychology. On the other hand, our research adheres to a basic scientific and an application-oriented perspective, which we prefer to relate to one another. Our contributions to applied questions should be based on solid psychological knowledge, whereby application-oriented projects often reveal gaps in existing data or even contradictions in cognitive psychological models. Accordingly, we cooperate in many research projects with scientists from other disciplines and practitioners from business and industry.

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Digitale Competence und Sovereignty

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Applied Cognitive Psychology and Environmental Psychology