Study achievements abroad


Recognition of academic achievements made abroad

Study achievements made abroad can generally be recognised for your studies. The requirement for this is that there is no significant difference between the acquired competences abroad and the achievements that are being replaced at the RWTH. The content, scope and requirements are all taken into consideration. If there is sufficient similarity in content to a corresponding module at the Institute of Psychology in Aachen, the achievements can be accredited after completing the stay abroad.

Learning Agreements

In order to ensure that coordinators and students can plan the journey ahead to a certain degree, it is nessesary for students to have the recognition of their courses at the foreign university checked before the departure. In the case of a stay within the framework of the ERASMUS+ exchange programme, for example, this is ensured by drawing up the so-called Learning Agreements.

This process works as follows:

You fill out the Learning Agreement. In doing so, you indicate both the courses that you want to attend abroad and the corresponding modules that are planned in your study plan. Please make sure that the corresponding courses are clearly visible. Both the coordinator abroad and the lectures of the chosen subject check whether the content is sufficiently similar to the modules in your study plan. Finally the application is checked by the examination board before potential approval.

Recognition procedure after the semester abroad

Only after completion of the semester abroad we can finalize the accreditation of achievements made abroad. This is done exclusively via the responsible examination board, to which the following documents must be submitted:

Official certificate (Transcript of Records) from the foreign university, which clearly shows the examination achievements The signed certificate of equivalence (Learning Agreement) in the case of an equivalent recognition.

Grade conversion

The grades of the exams that were succesfully passed abroad must be converted for recognition at the RWTH Aachen. The International Office provides a conversion table for this purpose.