Studies abroad

You are studying psychology at RWTH Aachen University, are at least in your third semester and would like to spend some time abroad during your studies? But now you are facing the question how to organize a stay abroad? In order to support you on this path, we have gathered all the important information and contacts on this page.

General Information

The International Office provides you with general information about the possibilities to stay abroad during your studies. On their website you can find information about planning and financing stays abroad and get in touch with advisors.

In addition, the MoveOn portal offers you the opportunity to benefit from the experience reports of previous students and infroms you about the requirements of different universities.

Forms of studing abroad

Students who would like to spend a certain period of their studies abroad can realize this wish in a variety of ways. In addition to traditional studies abroad, internships and research stays abroad as well as short-term stays at summer or winter schools are also possible.

Studing abroad

If you have decided to pursue part of your studies at a university abroad, there are also various options available to you. These include stays abroad as part of exchange programs such as Erasmus+ or Erasmus+ Internship financial aid, self-organized stays as a freemover or stays at partner universities outside Europe via RWTHweltweit.

Erasmus+ at the Institute of Psychology

Erasmus+ is one of the best known exchange programs of the European Union with the aim of promoting mobility for learning purposes and transnational cooperation.

Currently, students of the Psychology Department have the opportunity to spend a year (or just one semester) abroad in the framework of the Erasmus+ exchange program at the following universities:

  • Gent University in Belgium in the Department of Experimental Psychology.
  • Sorbonne Universit√© Paris 13 in France

Intensive talks are currently being held with further partner universities in order to add them as cooperation partners.

Here you will find the current deadlines, information on the application process as well as a description of the documents to be submitted and the selection criteria. The application procedure is currently being changed to an online procedure. Information on this procedure can be found here.

If you need further information or have any questions, please contact our Erasmus coordinator Mrs. apl. Prof. Dr. phil. Viktoria Arling or her student assistent . They will be happy to help you in a personal consultation or via E-mail.