Cognitive and experimental psychology

Find relevant information about our current research projects on cognitive control of attention, action and language!

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Personnel and Organizational Psychology

How do people shape their careers and everyday life in work and non-work domains? Our main goal is to deepen our understanding of work-related development processes and everyday experiences at work taking into consideration contextual demands and individual strategies of action.

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Work and Engineering Psychology:

The use of modern technology requires perception and coordination of distal action effects that may arise spatially separated from proximal action effects. The Work and Engineering Psychology examines performance and limitations of information processing and the role of perception and attention. Our research is settled on the continuum between relevant basic and applied research.

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Health Psychology (formerly: Vocational Rehabilitation)

How can people with disabilities be supported to return to work? Which influence factors have an impact on vocational rehabilitation? Teaching and research area for vocational rehabilitation focuses on such and similar questions. We are pleased to inform you further about our research here.

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